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How to watch the Alpine World Championships on SVT outside Sweden?

The Alpine World Championships will be arranged in Sweden in 2019. Sweden might not be the best nation, but it will be very interesting to watch the events online. But, how can you watch the Alpine World Championships on SVT outside Sweden? It is very easy! If you try to watch SVT outside Sweden, you will see an error message looking something like this. To watch the Alpine World Championships… Read More »

SVT to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018

In Sweden SVT and TV4 will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018. Not only will they broadcast the event, but they are lucky enough to have their national team playing in the tournament. Would you like to watch Sweden play on Swedish TV? You can watch the matches on TV4 and on SVT. It is always wonderful to watch football matches with commentators speaking your own language. It doesn’t have… Read More »

Can I watch the Winter Olympics on Swedish TV abroad?

  I live outside Sweden but would like to watch the Winter Olympics on Swedish TV online. Is that possible? How can it be done?   The Winter Olympics 2018 is arranged in Pyeongchang in South Korea in February 2019. Fans of winter sports have been waiting for this event since the Winter Games in Sochi in 2014, but finally, the waiting time is over. The Swedish team is hopefully… Read More »

You will not be able to watch the Summer Olympics on SVT

You probably know this already, but unfortunately will not broadcast the Summer Olympics in Sweden. Many consider SVT to be the best broadcaster in Sweden for such events, but this year Viasat will broadcast the Summer Olympics instead. If you want to watch the event on Swedish TV online then you can read more about how it is done at The page is in Swedish, but it will easily… Read More »

Sweden played their first Euro 2016 match today

Today there was a big increase in the amount of visitors coming to this blog telling you how to watch SVT online outside Sweden, and the reason is clear – Sweden played their opening match in Euro 2016 against Ireland. The match in itself may not have been an explosion of a football match, but it was still very interesting to watch and in the end the 1-1 result was… Read More »

Euro 2016 can be seen on SVT in Sweden

This summer we will be able to enjoy both the European Championship in football and the Summer Olympics. Unfortunately only one of these events can be seen on SVT in Sweden and that is the Euro 2016. One more unfortunate thing is though that SVT will not broadcast the Euro 2016 alone in Sweden but they will do so cooperating with TV4. If you want to watch Euro 2016 online… Read More »

Watch World Cup 2014 on SVT from outside Sweden

I made this page originally to help people looking for a way to watch SVT online from abroad. So far many people have followed my advices, and I am glad that I could help. Now the World Cup 2014 is coming within shortly, and thousands of people will again look for help and advices on how to watch SVT online from outside Sweden. SVT will broadcast from the World Cup… Read More »